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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Season of Service: 40 Days of Good Deeds Week 1

Today is Ash Wednesday and is the first day of the Lent Season. In case you didn't the last post (which I hope you did), instead of giving up something for Lent, I plan to do a good service everyday for 40 days. My hope is that you will take part in this with me. If this continues, then pretty soon there will be good deeds being handed out everyday.

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Day 1
Instead of giving a homeless man money, I told him I would be right back. I went to the nearest Subway and purchased a $50 gift card and gave it to the man.

Day 2
While shopping for the items to cook a wonderful V-Day meal, there was an older lady behind me with a bouquet of flowers. I told the cashier to go ahead and ring her flowers with my stuff. I think they were both stunned. The older lady thanked me and said it is great to see the love of people is still out there.

Day 3
Today was a little bit harder to find something special to do. The past two days, things just sort of presented itself to me, saying "Here is something to help you on your quest."I had to really search today, so this one dealt with driving. We all have done the thing of not letting someone cut in front of you after you have waited in line. Today, I made sure to be the most courteous driver and let everyone in front AND with a nice friendly wave.

Day 4
This morning I had to be at the soccer offices bright and early for meetings. What a better way to start of the day than by purchasing a $10 gift card at Starbucks then handing it back to the "barista." I told her to use the card on patrons until it runs out. Tell them they are having a blessed morning.

Day 5
I was struggling this morning to even get out of bed. Let's just say wife and I had a lot of "fellowship" last night with very good friends. Today I had to be out at the baseball fields to run tryouts for Snake's age group (he did great, thanks for asking), so I thought it was going to be another difficult day. But wouldn't you know, as I was walking around, I noticed a man's wallet on the ground next to the restrooms. It was really bulging with cash. I found the family's phone number and called them to tell them I had the wallet. He and his family were very thankful, and they told me the money in the wallet was for a family vacation today.

Day 6
What a wonderful day today! Sure it was a tad gusty at times, but you cannot beat 70 degree weather in February. Today's 40 Day Lent task was very sneaky good. It seems everywhere I look in the house, I seem to find another gift card. I am kind of suspicious of them partying and doing who knows what to reproduce, but back to the subject. I found a gift card for $15 to Chick Fil A just laying in a pile of junk. That is when a brilliant plan hatched in my mind...So I had to stop and get gas ($3.70? Really?) this afternoon and decided to pull up next to someone already pumping gas. I saw them go in the store, so I carefully placed the envelope (gift card and note inside) on the gas pump so they would not miss it. The front of envelope said, "God Bless. Pay it Forward". I couldn't but giggle when I saw the lady looking around and then she got a smile on her face when she opened. Good day indeed!

Day 7
Today took on a different type of service for Lent. I was now thrust into helping our four-legged friends who tend to use the restroom outside and bark. I don't know if you were thinking of something else, but the correct answer is a dog. As I was leaving to go to our warehouse this morning, I saw a dog roaming the neighborhood by herself and dragging a leash. She was dangerously close to a main street so I ended up stopping her (I lured her in with some beef jerky). After about 5 minutes or so, a frantic man and a young girl (4 or 5) came running. The girl was walking the dog with her grandfather and the dog got away from them. This young girl went up and gave this dog a big hug and the dog was happy.

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