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Friday, March 1, 2013

Season of Service: 40 Days of Good Week 3

So we begin the third week of lent. Amazing that I am not even half-way through. This is definitely a lot harder than I thought. I guess that is the point!

Day 15
Traveling to Plano today to visit my allergy doctor, who I have been seeing since 1985. I thought today would be a good day to do the Starbucks service again, but this time in Plano. As it turned out, a young mom and her 3 year old daughter were behind me. I paid for mine and then turned to them and said that I insisted on getting their order. She thanked me and proceeded to order. After doctoring my coffee, I overheard the mom telling her daughter about paying things forward and what it meant when her daughter asked her why she paid for the man behind her. This is how things begin.

Day 16
Today was a inner service day. I decided to spend 30 minutes of my morning praying and meditating. I prayed for my parents and their battles, my wife who has the burden of so many families, my niece who will be going to college in the fall, my best friend who had his second eye surgery, Bailey's Godfather (he knows why) and Snake's Godfather who turns 60.

Day 17
It was a real challenge to find something to do today. After letting things go and not trying to find something, I came across a lady in the grocery store reaching for some items. I happily got the item for her and then asked if she needed help with anything else. Sometimes it is the small things.

Day 18
I started off thinking my service project was to not yell at any refs today at soccer. That did not work. Instead I left three dollars at the gas station for whoever would find it.

Day 19
As you have noticed, my blog entries keep shrinking everyday. I guess when I started this project, I did not realize how long 40 days is really. This is tough, but it is not supposed to be easy. Sunday is a day of reflection and of peace. I pray for all the peace in the hearts of all people in all nations.

Day 20
So this is the day D left for Jamaica (boys and I head down Friday morning), so I decided to take about 10 dollar coins and every restaurant or store that had a drop box for donations, I would put that money in there.

Day 21
Final day of week 3 and a little less than halfway through. I decided today I was going back to my roots growing up of doing what my dad taught...Always stand when introduced, hold doors open, take your hat off, etc. I was going to show my boys what it is like. Good day.

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