Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heart Attack on a Plate?!

**WARNING: What you are about to read may disturb you, even frighten some people. Please read at your own discretion**

Alright, so it was recommended by a buddy of mine that it would be kind of amusing to demonstrate how far I have come in my culinary palate. I must justify this with a little back story on how this amazing dish first came about. Maestro, a little flashback music please?!

While my buddy and I were roommates after college, at a place in Dallas called the Village, we did not have much money for groceries. Hell, we ate whatever we could get our hands on. Grilling out turned out to be a big deal. One night I decided to make myself a couple of hamburgers. Well, they fell apart during the grilling process. Now what the hell am I going to do? So I take a good long stare into the fridge...

I see...

Dozen Eggs
A package of grated cheese
Spicy mustard

Why not, right?

So I finished off the beef in a pan with some oregano and other seasonings. Took it out, leaving the grease behind and cooked the dozen eggs. Then combined the eggs and beef (careful not to overflow the pan). Put that concoction on a plate. Dumped the WHOLE package of cheese on it and topped it off with a hearty drizzle of ketchup and mustard! MMMMMMMMMM?!?!

The recipe evolved to a package of spicy Italian sausage over the course of its shelf-life.

I ate this about once a week or every other week...until my wife said she would like to have me around for a while.

I do not propose anyone follow this recipe. Even thinking about it now gives me the willies. I do not know how I survived, but alas, I did.

Ordinary Chef

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