Monday, July 26, 2010

First Blog

So today starts a new adventure. From this moment on, I shall henceforth be known as a blogger. I never thought this day would come. It is very strange. I never thought anything in my life would be interesting enough that ordinary people would want to read it. That is until I found my love of cooking.

I have always loved to cook, although my culinary plates consisted of "Heart Attack on a Plate" "Teriyaki Pork Chops" or the occasional steak on the grill. I was in no way a chef! So how did all this begin?

A few years ago I lost my job. I did not know what the hell I was going to do with my life and my career. Luckily my amazing wife (hopefully she reads this) was in a position that allowed me the opportunity to stay at home with my kids. This was a dream come true...stay at home, remember to pick the kids up at school and become Mr. Mom! I mean if Batman can do it, why couldn't I...right? Things were great at first until I got bored, plus the fact my manhood was coming into question because what would I be able to pass on to my boys? What life lesson was I beginning to teach them.

So, my wife and I thought about it for a while...and thought about it...and thought about it. We finally thought, hey, why don't you go to cooking school and be a chef? There was the answer dripping in holy sunlight!

So that is it. I am now in my second semester of school and loving it. My kids are wife is happy...and I am happy. Now, you are going to be happy because I am blogging about this.

I will try to post almost every night or so with different family recipes, how to get your kids involved in the cooking process, plating techniques and will even through in the occasional restaurant review (my the Ordinary patron point of view).

Please let me know your thoughts or ideas.

Ordinary Chef


  1. Congratulations, David! Your blog looks great! I can't wait to follow it, and I'm so excited to be your first "follower." --Emily

  2. Me, too! Although you could use an editor... :-) Hmmmm, how will I reinvent myself?

  3. you should share the heart attack recipe so people know how far you have come.